Heber Springs Schools

Snow Routes

Bus #1 – Bear Bus - 25 hwy stops. Pick-up points on 25 North will be at Fletchers Gro.,  25N & Dekalb Road, 25N & Split Oak, and 25N & Water Tower, and all addressed stops on Hwy 25.

Bus 2 - Turtle Bus  - Normal Highway stops and Old Highway 25 stopping at intersections of; 25 & Wallace, 25 & Heigle, 25 and Old Spring, and other addressed stops on Old Hwy 25, Rainbow Road will not be traveled.

Bus #3 - Rabbit Bus - Normal Stops on 11th Street, to highway 16 East, stopping at addressed highway stops and pick-up points.  Anyone on Blakey, Sexton Creek, River Bluff or Valley View to be picked up and/or let off at Stock Yard.

Bus #4 – Horse Bus - Highway 25 South, stopping at Bridal Veil and Mountain Aire Drive.   Highway 5 South, stopping only on highway 5 at Utica road, 5 & Candlestick Road, and Waterfall Road and addressed stops.   The pick-up point for riders from Ridgecrest, & Zebulin,  Hwy 107, Bayview, and the West end of Stacy Springs will be in the parking lot of the Valero Station.

Bus #5 – Moose Bus - Highway 110 East to stop at Hollands Exxon. Hwy 210 to Community School/ASU and back to Highway 110 to pick-up points at; addressed stops on Hwy 110 and intersections of  110/River Trail, Hiram/Cooterneck,  Hiram/Stecker.  Across Bird Dove to 110, stopping at Riverland Golf Course.

Bus #6 – Raccoon Bus - Highway 110 West stopping at intersections of;  110 & West Hill, 110 & Natures Trail, 110 & Park Road, and 110 & Harrison, and returning East on 110 with one stop at Dill Building (old Hospital) on Hwy 110 for anyone from Colonial Drive or Circle, and one stop at 110 and Spruce.

Bus #7 – Squirrel Bus

Pick-up points at; 110 & Rock Products, 110 & N Van Buren, 110 and N Conway, 25B & Johnson Lane, 25B and Achoma, and 25B and Trailwood.

Bus #8 – Bird Dog Bus - Highway 110 East to the 25 Bypass with all regular stops on Hwy 110 with pick-up points at; 110 and Spinks lane, 110 and Park Street, 110 and Broadway.  No stops on Broadway or North of Spring Park will be visited.

Bus #9 – Roadrunner Bus - Will drive Normal Route.

Bus #10 – Panther Bus – Afternoon ONLY, will run its normal route.

Bus #11 – Duck Bus Route will travel South on 8th, west on South St, through Meadowbrook, East on Bittle, to North again on 10th St.  The north side of the route will only drive 2nd Street  to N Broadway stopping at intersections of Broadway and Scenic, Broadway and Terrace, and Broadway and Trailwood and return to school.

Bus #12 – Flag Bus - Stops for pick-up points at; normal Hwy 337 stops, intersection of 337 & Valley Loop, 337 & Libby Loop, 337 & Trout Lane, and 337 & Valley Oaks.

Bus #13 – Eagle Bus, Normal Route will be taken with the exception of Ash St. and Searcy St. that will not be traveled.

Bus #14 – Razorback Bus, Normal Route will be taken until 4th St. where bus will return to school. 6th St. will not be traveled.

SPED  buses will contact Parents to determine accessibility to their stop.